The Center for Molecular Microbiology capitalizes and builds upon the leading edge research of the present core of collaborating researchers. These researchers have:

  • Established themselves as recognized leaders in the area of oral pathogenic bacteria and chronic, systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease.
  • Developed a novel and innovative technology for the identification of drug targets and promising recombinant vaccines. The technology can be applied to a variety of bacterial, viral, and fungal parasitic pathogens.
    • Since the targets identified by this technology will be of interest to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, we will pursue outside funding and partnerships.

The center will:

  • Continue to develop and apply new technologies and serve as a resource to outside companies, creating practical applications and market value for the center’s research and innovations
  • Act as a focal point for the recruitment of faculty from additional departments and colleges within the University of Florida.

Currently the CMM includes faculty representing three colleges and six departments within the University of Florida, including biochemists, cell biologists, bacteriologists, virologists, infectious disease clinicians, periodontists, and immunologists. Additional faculty representing these and other biomedical disciplines will also be recruited in order to establish multidisciplinary teams of the highest quality.