Membership in the Center for Molecular Microbiology is open to any University of Florida faculty member whose goals and interests are consistent with the Center’s. Faculty members from other state universities are also welcomed as members.

Center Staff

Ann Progulske-Fox

Ann Progulske-Fox PhD

Distinguished Professor & Program Director
Phone: (352) 273-8835
Jacob N Burks

Jacob N Burks BS, MBA

Assistant Program Director
Phone: (352) 273-8845


College of Dentistry

Name Department Business Phone Email
Jacqueline Abranches Jacqueline Abranches DN-ORAL BIOLOGY (352) 273-6672
L J Brady L J Brady DN-ORAL BIOLOGY (352) 273-8839
Robert A Burne Robert A Burne DN-ORAL BIOLOGY (352) 273-8847
Mary Ellen Davey Mary Ellen Davey DN-ORAL BIOLOGY (352) 273-8858
Ana Duran-Pinedo Ana Duran-Pinedo DN-ORAL BIOLOGY ––
Frank Gibson Frank Gibson DN-ORAL BIOLOGY (352) 273-8856
Jorge Frias-Lopez Jorge Frias-Lopez DN-ORAL BIOLOGY ––
Kesavalu N Lakshmyya Kesavalu N Lakshmyya DN-PERIODONTICS (352) 273-6500
Jose A Lemos Jose A Lemos DN-ORAL BIOLOGY (352) 273-8843
Lin Zeng Lin Zeng DN-ORAL BIOLOGY (352) 273-8868

College of Medicine

Name Department Business Phone Email
Patrick J Antonelli Patrick J Antonelli MD-OTOLARYNGOLOGY (352) 273-5199
David C Bloom David C Bloom Molecular Genetics & Microbiology (352) 273-9524
William A Dunn William A Dunn MD-ANATOMY (352) 273-9007
Paul A Gulig Paul A Gulig Molecular Genetics & Microbiology (352) 294-5544
Frederick S Southwick Frederick S Southwick MD-HOSPITAL MEDICINE DIVISION (352) 246-8465

College of Veterinary Medicine

Name Department Business Phone Email
Mary B Brown Mary B Brown Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology (352) 294-4029